Science-Fiction or reality? – Shocking statements!

New World Order– shocking statements !

December 25th, 2005, in his Christmas message „Urbi et Orbi”, the Pope speaks about the New World Order: ” You modern, adult man let the child of Bethleem hold your hand. Don’t be afraid! Trust in Him! He encourages you to engage yourself in building a new world order, which was founded on just ethical and economic relationships.” (video)

October 24th,2011 – Vatican proposes a New World Order and the establishment of a Central Planetary Bank.

May 6th, 2009 – European Parliament- Maria Assuncao Estevez ‘s speech.(Member of the political group PPE) : All Parliaments will unite in order to rule the world.We shall have only one culture, one religion.

„There comes a day when Cosmopolitan and Federal Parliaments will rule the world. It’s the dream of a humanity without frontiers; a day Europeans, Africans and Americans will unite and  have only one culture and all of us will have the same religion.” – (video)

-New World Order-

– One World Government-

-One World Justice-

One World Culture-

One World Currency-

Medvedev advertises the „international currency” – „united future world currency„. – (video)

It seems that Medvedev has received pennies.

The new world order currency is made of silver. (99%9 pure silver)

Silver is the currency of God. Paper money is the Devil’s”. (video)

This currency has Masonic symbols, just like the Dollar. -(video)

Those who created the Dollar, will be the ones to create the New World Order. They are the Illuminati. They control more or less secret organizations and groups, such as:

– The Trilateral Group

The Bilderberg Group

The Club of Rome

Council on Foreign Relations

– ONU.

World Bank, IMF, member Central Banks are also controlled by the Illuminati.

Video News

The Trilateral Commission is the voice that has the last word in everything that happens in the world, for nearly 40 years. It was created by David Rockefeller, one of the most influential multibillionaires of the Bilderberg Group. Other members of this controversial group are : Prince Charles, Jose Manuel Barroso ( President od the European Union), Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroder, presidents of large multinational corporations and national banks.

First step: creating some supranational structures that will take over the country’s sovereignty. Then, those supranational structures will unite to form a single world government.

European Union led by members of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group is scheduled to become a Supranational Structure.

European Parliament – Bruxelles, 11/11/2009

Mario Borghezio ( Free and Democratic Europe, Member of Italia Lega Nord) a real man who has the courage to tell the truth:

„I wonder, examining the names bandied: is it possible that no one has noticed that all these people frequently attend either the Bilderberg or the Trilateral ? I think we should establish principles of transparency and ask these peopole whether if they are political candidates representing their countries or candidates of these occult groups that meet, behind closed doors, and make decisions for the entire humanity. – (video)

Mario Borghezio was right.On December 1st 2009,  Herman Van Rompuy, member of the Bilderberg Group, was appointed the first permanent president of the European Council. He is basically the first President of Europe. Since taking office, Herman van Rompuy defines 2009 as „the first year of global governance„. -(video)

Members of the Trilateral Commission take control over Italy and Greece.

-November 11- 2011, Lucas Papademos, member of the Trilateral Commission is appointed Prime Minister of Greece.

-November 16-2009, Mario Monti, member of the Trilateral Commission, is appointed Prime Minister of Italy.

Slowly but surely, members sovereignty is lost in favor of occult groups: Illuminati.

Romania has already been given its soverignty.

Many will say that this is only a conspiracy theory and yet… here we have the statement of the Romanian President, Traian Basescu:

„Cession of sovereignty in  the European Union is not something new.When Romania joined EU, we gave our sovereignty concerning the common agricultural policy. The EU agenda for 2020 sets standards for Education.This is part of a  less obvious policy of  renunciation of sovereignty on an European level.Cession of sovereignty has emphasized but it is still insufficient and we shall take the next step quickly because we”re not talking about National Interest anymore, we are talking about an European Interest.And I’m not afraid to say that we must have the courage to tell our nations that the correct solution is to make the United States of Europe. Sooner or later, we must put all together our sovereignty in order to create sovereignty of the European Union. After this crisis, capitalismn can not remain the same. We’ ll have a different kind of capitalism”. – (video)

If the President’ statements are true,sovereignty will no longer belong to the Romanian People, as required by the Constitution.

Crisis will lead to bankruptcy Euro zone countries and because of their debts their independence will be taken away.European countries will be asked to choose between the United States of Europe and bamkruptcy. In fact there will be no choice, countries will do as they will be told to do. Once created the United States of Europe, member countries will lose thier sovereignty and become a sort of  Local Authorities. Crisis-stricken countries will be put under the control of an EU Commissioner in the European Commission custody. There will no longer exist National Bugets and tax revenues will be transfered to Brussels.Here they will decide who and how much each and every one gets from the Common Budget.Member countries will no longer be allowed to finance their own budget deficit and they will be  forced to ask Brussels for money.There will, probably, be a  dictatorship tougher than the former USSR. We will be told that we can only survive together and in order to save Euro (which is not actually in danger) we must cede sovereignty.

Within 20 years, after the crisis is over, EU will become a mega totalitarian state and a World Government will officially rule the world. Crisis will occur in 4 steps, the first was in 2008. At the end of the crisis, even the United States of America will no longer exist. The  planet will be governed by a World Government.

European and American politicians work for one and the same group of people : the Illuminati.

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