Romania, always surprising!

Romania, the place where strangeness became normality.Romania, the land of tragi-comic situations.

Romania, the … richest country with the poorest deputies and senators. The „poorest” elected member has a fortune estimated at 65 millions Euros and a serie of criminal cases remained unsolved for years.

Romania, a country with more deputies and senators than electorate. In 2009, there was a referendum; people voted to reduce the number of MPs from 400 to 300. People voted, the Parliament decided… to ignore the will of Romanians. Even more, instead of 400, now, their number increased to 600.

Romania, the place where handles made of bronze and ceramic have been stolen from the Romanian Parliament building. Paradox? The building is not open to public visiting.

The building is the PP second biggest in the world after the  Pentagon.Construction began in 1983 but, was never completed.The reason is well known: the coup d’etat of 1989, alias Romanian Revolution. Nowadays, because this impressive building is listed as unfinished construction, it can not be taxed.


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