Romania – Dracula ‘s real home

The Poenari Fortress is situated in Arges county, 4 kilometers from Vidraru barrage, on a mountaintop, at an altitude of 860 meters. This is the place where, according to the legend, Vlad Tepes withdrew from Turkish way. Access to its thick walls is extremely hard, because only those who dare climb the 1.480 steps built into the hillside, can have it. Maybe this challenge attracts thousands of tourists annually, which once reached the top, can enjoy an incredible view.

Here, famous TV channels, such as National Geographic, Discovery and History Channels, realized documentaries about the life of Vlad Tepes, (Dracula).Cetatea PoenariCetatea Poenari2Cetatea Poenari3Barajul VidraruBarajul Vidraru2Barajul Vidraru3Barajul Vidraru4

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