Romania, top of the world?

Romanian archaeologists made a sensational discovery in Hunedoara, Transylvania, Romania! Here they discovered  a huge city, oldest in Transylvania, even older than Egyptian pyramids !

Most of the time, Romanian archaeologists have the opportunity to discover the history of Romania, hidden under layers of earth, only when the authorities want to build something. that was the case of the oldest city in Transylvania, built in the year 4200 before Jesus Christ, before the pyramids of Egypt ( 2600-2611 before Jesus Christ ). The settlement was discovered while workers were digging to arrange Nadlac-Sibiu highway.

The city covers 100 hectares

The site situated in Turdas, Hunedoara, covers 100 hectares, has foritifications, neighborhoods and among the ruins were found many vases and valuable statues. „A defense system of that time, on such a large area, could not be investigated in Europe: costs are high. We had this opportunity thanks to the highway”, said sabin Adrian Lunca, research coordinator.

Writings from 7.000 years ago in that area

Oldest writing in the world belongs to the Turdas civilization ( approximately 7.000 years ).We’ re talking about the famous clay tablets discovered in 1961, in Tartaria inbetween Alba Iulia and Orastie, Transylvania. They were inscribed with signs similar to those of Sumerian writing but, at least, a thousand years older than any alphabet. They remained yet undeciphered.

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